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Secret Land Buyer Gets Tongues Wagging In Chaddleworth

After a multi-million pound estate is bought in Chaddleworth tongues have begun to wag over the identity of the mystery buyer. Previously the estate belonged to a racehorse trainer, Mr Charles Egerton, but has now been sold to an unknown buyer.

What Is Community Facilities District Act?

On September 30, 1988, the Arizona Community Facilities District Act (the “Act”) became effective. The Act, which was passed by the state legislature, was created to allow Arizona municipalities to create special taxing districts for the purpose of financing the installation, operation and/or maintenance of public improvements. The Act, which was styled after similar legislation in California and Florida, addressed a critical issue for developers and home builders; that being the financing of increasingly costly public infrastructure without unduly burdening the end users of property.

New Farmers Need Land Reform In Order To Get A Fair Deal

May 2011 witnesses the elections to the Scottish Parliament which will see the politicians finalising their policies. However according to Rog Wood of the Herald Scotland newspaper, they should take into consideration Scottish land reform.

Making a Pleasant ‘Land for Sale’ Transaction

To find a happy ‘land for sale’ transaction you have to consider a few things to settle a deal tactfully. For gaining a property that has true value for living and peaceful life, there are factors that have to be satisfying and feasible. When you find ‘land for sale’, you know that the owner of the land has looked into various factors and have eventually determined whether the land will be appropriate for sale.

The Determining Factors for Purchasing ‘Land for Sale’

A number of options are exposed when you are purchasing ‘land for sale’. A tall building in the middle of busy roads might grab the attention of many investors, but a sprawling land with a huge building with amazing views will steal the hearts of those who prefer to buy land that gives them the taste of solitude and peace. There are many factors, which will determine what things to consider for buying a land.

Knowing Your Property Lines And Land Surveying

Property lines and land surveying are something you’ll need to have a basic understanding of if you’re looking at buying property, especially older pieces or those that are considered vacant land. This is because you’ll want to be sure of the lines and that the surveying that’s been done is as exact as possible. Often when you purchase land there is a description of the latitude and longitude of the property itself.

Why You May Need Land Surveys

There are many situations where you may need surveys done on your property or a piece of property you’re considering purchasing. While land surveys may seem expensive, they are not as expensive as having to defend a building you’ve already constructed or even who owns a fence. At the first sign of a problem with your neighbor about property lines, begin your research into any property lines that have already been done.

Easily Developing A Site Plan

Developing a site plan isn’t difficult but it must be sized properly and take a lot into consideration. Get a detailed drawing of the site, figure out the infrastructure, and then, the buildings. Then make sure you’re following all the local coding for power, water, sewer and data transmission lines.

The Functions Of A Topographic Survey

A topographic survey is usually performed by a group of geologists with the goal of producing two-dimensional maps which represent three-dimensional components of the landscape. The features commonly included are both natural and man-made objects, such as mountains, lakes, trees, dams, buildings and roads. These diagrams are also known as relief maps.

Make a Fortune Investing in Land

You can make a fortune in land. Having said that, I will not sugarcoat what is probably one of the most difficult types of real estate investing. The reason you can double, triple (or more) your money in land is because it is one of the least understood real estate investments. This provides incredible upside if you know what to look for and what to do because very few people understand the tricks of the trade.

Boundary Surveying: What You Need to Know

Boundary surveying refers to a type of land survey where exact land property line measurements and locations are determined to serve as a legal basis for marking boundaries or the limits of a parcel of land. Title documents and property deeds are not enough to prove your right to sell or use a land area. These deeds should be supported by a boundary survey made of the property which will indicate distances and monuments, and other particular details to properly and legally declare ownership. You may need to have a boundary survey done to your property if you are about to:

Valuing Southeastern Montana Ranchland – From a Production Perspective

Cattle and sheep producers from other regions of the United States often wonder how land in eastern Montana compares in productive value. This discussion will familiarize the reader of what can be expected regarding carrying capacities and forage production on ranches in eastern Montana. Obviously, there are many reasons a buyer may have when looking for Montana land to purchase.

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