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Some Controls on Developing Property

Don’t you believe that a man’s home is his castle. It’s just a metaphorical expression and not a statement of fact. Restrictions to developing a property can come from some surprising sources.

Evaluating and Negotiating Development Property Offers

There’s a lot more to purchase offers on land and development property than just price. If you get blinded by dollars being waived in your face by a potential buyer and fail to pay attention to the details of the proposed deal, you could wind up taking an offer that is not the best one.

Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney When Selling Land for Development

If you’re thinking about selling land for development, should you have legal representation? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Learn why and how you can find the right attorney.

The Dangers of Overpricing Land

Some land owners never get a purchase contract or have to wait a long time to find a buyer. Unfortunately, many of those who wait it out and finally receive an offer are surprised to find out that the offer is for much less than they thought they would get for their development properties.

Kentucky Hunting Land for Sale

Buying Kentucky hunting land for sale can be a joyful event as long as you take into consideration the important issues that can affect your successful land usage. Kentucky is a state of abundance. There is abundant water, abundant wildlife and abundant hunting land. Choosing the right land for your hunting pleasure is a major decision requiring capital outlay and the ability to see into the future. Taking the time to ask the right questions and do the appropriate research can greatly influence your decision.

Hunting Land in Kentucky

When you buy any kind of land, including hunting land in Kentucky, there are many points to be evaluated. Hunting is a sport with very specific requirement. Land is an investment that needs maintenance. Together they can form an ideal recreational union. The points to consider when buying hunting land in Kentucky include the following.

Todd County Kentucky Hunting Land

Todd County, Kentucky hunting land is situated in the Pennyrile region of the state. The Pennyrile region has some of the best hunting you can find. The county sits on the south border of the state. Elkton is the county seat. The area is rural and this is a major contributing factor to the quality of the area hunting potential.

Land Buying Scam – UK Property Investors be Warned

Update – I highlighted back in December the existence of some very dubious land buying schemes. Whilst other less reputable landlord sites were promoting them and no doubt taking large commissions from these dodgy companies, Property Hawk advice was unequivocal “don’t touch them with a ‘barge poll'” we said. Now I have learnt from the BBC that Action Jack a company marketing plots of land is the third company to be wound up by the Insolvency Service for corporate abuse.

Breckenridge Lifestyle

When most people think of Breckenridge they probably envision long winding ski runs with clean snow blanketing the mountains that surround the town. This is not too far from the truth. Breckenridge is one of this nation’s premier ski resorts and definitely one of the most unique. Reminiscent of a small European mountain village Breckenridge is truly a wonderful place to live year-round.

Does the Parcel Have Development Potential?

Virtually every property has potential for development. What factors should you take into account if you’re thinking about buying land for investment?

The Land Split – Real Estate Made Easy

Many beginning real estate investors are searching for a real estate technique that I would call “real estate made easy.” While real estate investing is not easy, there is one actual approach to land investing that I believe is the closest thing to “real estate made easy.”

There’s Gold in Them California Hills – California Land Makes a Great Gift

The dream of mining land in United States for gold, and specifically in California, has been a dream shared by thousands and thousands of people since the mid Nineteenth Century when the “California Gold Rush” hit its peak. Many thousands of Americans from the East, South and Midwest of the United States left their homes, jobs, relatives, and friends and headed west to try to claim their share of the riches which were rumored to be under every rock in every stream in every corner of California, the “Golden State.”

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